Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Bodyshop Free Makeover

The Bodyshop offer free makeovers.  I have always wanted to get this done, but have not had the time.  Today when I was in town I noticed that they had a poster in their window advertising the free makeover, so I popped in and asked if I could have one done. 

Beauty Makeovers are a brilliant idea as you get to try out beauty products and have them applied by a professional, but I have always been a bit wary, as I think that after the free makeover, I will feel pressured to buy something. 

I know friends that have been to makeup counters in the bigger department stores and ended up getting pressured into buying loads of products.  It can feel awkward walking away without buying anything, especially when the sales assistant or make up artist has spent so much time with you. 

I was keen to know if this was a sales technique or was the makeover really going to be free and about getting to try and test products and getting help in choosing products that would be right for me. 

So how did the makeover go?

My skin was prepared first.  It was cleansed toned and moisterised.  The assistant asked me about my skin and then chose Aloe products as I told her that I had sensitive skin. 

Next the makeup was applied, after she asked me what look I was after and what my beauty regime was currently.  I told her anything quick! The foundation that she picked was spot on! It was an exact match for my skin tone.  She applied it using a foundation brush and the result was flawless and nice looking skin. 

The rest of the makeup was also very good I liked the eye shadow and bronzer that was used. 

When the makeover was finished, she wrote down all of the products that had been used, and that was it!  The makeover lasted just under an hour and in that time, I was told about the different products that were available but there was no pressure to buy at all. 

I was very happy with my makeover and it was really free!  It was not mentioned to me in the shop but when I got home, I saw on the back of the Make up consultation card ‘Makeover for change’. 

The back of the card had details printed about a charity that they Bodyshop supported and requested that if you had enjoyed your makeover, if you wanted to make a voluntary donation to the charity Children on the Edge, you could do so in store.  I wasn’t asked to make a donation, but as I had enjoyed my makeover and think that this is a good idea the next time that I am in the store, I will make sure that I make a donation.

****Products used ***

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser
Aloe Calming Toner
Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion

Liked the cleanser and the Lotion, but not the toner, it stung my skin.


Moisture Foundation in shade 7.  Nice light/medium coverage and a natural finish.  Good daytime foundation, However, I prefer sligtly heavier coverage and this did not hide my dark circles. 

Eyes were smokey and finished with Big & Curvy Mascara in Black.  Perhaps not enough mascara was used, but I didnt like the finish.  I like to have big bold eyelashes.  Good point, was it didnt clump, but I prefer thicker mascaras that give my eyelashes volume. 

I liked the Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, it gave my face a lovely shimmer, without making it look too shiny. 

The lipstick was nothing special and it wore off quick, but it was a nice nude colour no.64. 

Out of all of the products, I would probably buy the Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder, as this is a good quality product as would give my face a nice radiant shimmer. 


  1. Hey, my prom is coming up and I need my makeup done and don't want to spend loads of money on it, however don't feel confident enough to do it myself. Do they still do free makeovers by any chance or was this a one off? x

  2. Hi, I don't think that the Bodyshop stilll does makeovers, but it's always worth asking, if not department stores do makeover and I have had make up done at Lancome, YSL and Mac Counters before, so it might be worth asking them, they are usually pretty good :)

  3. Ok thank you for letting me know! I'll ask them next time I'm at my local store :-)