Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Olay Total Effects Sensitive 7 in 1 Moisteriser

I was invited to test this as part of a Supersavvyme campaign.  I have sensitive skin so was keen to try this.

Olay Total Effects is designed to fight the 7 signs of ageing which are:

Fine lines & wrinkles
Uneven tone
Age spots
Uneven texture
& Visible pores 

I tested the product over an 8 week period and this is how I got on.

I liked it immediately, the first time that I tried it and it did not irritate my skin at all. 

The cream is lovely and feels light and sunk into my skin when I applied it.  I used it as indicated twice a day and liked the fact that you could use it as a night cream as well. 
Once the cream had been applied in the morning, makeup glided up over the top very easily. 

As a mum to a young child, I don’t get to pamper and treat my skin like I used to and as a result my skin often looks dull and tired.  I also noticed before trying the cream that my skin is beginning to show the signs of ageing.  I am starting to get some fines lines (A few around the eyes and the lines around the mouth are starting to get more deeply set)

After 8 weeks, there was a huge difference in my skin.  My face looked youthful and rested.  Even my husband noticed the difference.  My skin had a nice glow and I have a nice even skin tone. 

Out of the 7 signs that it claims to target, I can say that it helped even out my skin tone, and texture of my skin.  Got rid of the dullness and minimized my pores a little. 

However one disadvantage was that my skin did break out in spots twice! Sometimes I think that perhaps, it was a bit too greasy for my skin.  If you have greasy skin then this will probably not be for you. 

Also I didn’t notice any difference in my fine lines, so I don’t know how good it would be for someone who wanted to use it to target these areas.

In summary I liked this cream because it made my skin a lot brighter and evened out my skin tone, but I don’t think that it fought all of the 7 signs of ageing for me!


  1. Tester Sharon commented

    "I found the Olay moisturiser greasy to apply however immediately it left my skin soft and smooth without any greasy residue. I was impressed by how little needed to be applied although found after 6 hours or so my skin became dry again. Was pleased it had an SPF as I see this as very important in my daytime moisturiser."

  2. Tester Elizaveta said:

    'definitely liked the product. The skin felt very soft and well protected. I liked the smell and the texture. I wish it was cheaper so I can buy it.

  3. Tester Emma said

    'I have used it for three days now and it has left my face soft all day . I would buy this product because it has defentily worked for me. would recommed this product to my friends.'

  4. Tester Laura had this to say:

    'I've been using this cream for a week now. When I first saw the tube (7ml) I didn't think it would last very long but you only need a small pea sized amount to go all over the face and neck area.

    When I first used it my face became quite tight but this has subsided with regular use. It smells lovely and has left my skin feeling very soft.

    Fine lines are reduced dramatically, although I still have visible lines on my forehead. These are less visible now so they may also decrease in time. In Tesco this product retails for about £15 which originally thought was quite expensive for 50ml but after using it I do think that it maybe worth it as it does do some of what it says it should'

  5. Alexandra said '.its quite a small tub but the contents are magical...i really love this stuff, a bit expensive but well worth the money, it really does what they say!'