Saturday, 12 May 2012

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Fibre Mascara Primer

Update 7th Jul 2012

I loved this primer! I wrote a glowing review for it, but now after ONLY A few months, it has 'stoppped working!' I used it the other day and the look and feel that I get when I am applying my primer 'just didnt' feel the same!

Usually I have thicker, longer lashes when I use this, the results are really noticeable, but I wasnt getting these results anymore when I used it. 

So to be sure, what I did was, I tested it, I used the primer on one eye with my mascara and on the other just the mascara by itself, and guess what?? The results were exactly the same!!!

The primer did nothing to improve the look of my lashes, the only SLIGHT difference was the eye that had the primer the lashes were all seperate and some of the other eye a little clumped.  BUT NO MAJOR DIFFERNCE!!!

Bare lashes
Lashes with Primer

Hmm....Not very happy! If I had know, then I could have spent a bit more and bought the Lash Building Primer by Clinique which is £11 and this is not just a primer, but also a treatment that conditions and protects lashes.  Very disapointed!!!!


Lovely lashes...BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!!


  1. I know amazing in the beginning! But then just 'stopped working' But an excellent product if it hadn't dried out