Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sexy Lash Eyelash Serum

When I was younger (a teenager, before I started wearing makeup) I used to have lovely eyelashes.  People used to think that I had false eyelashes! Then I started wearing makeup and even I didn’t need to, started wearing mascara, I used to wear far too much and my eyes used to get irritated. 

When I used to take my makeup off clumps of eyelashes used to fall and because my eyelashes were irritated, I often found myself pulling on my lashes, which also caused them to fall.  The result of this was, my eyelashes thinned and they are no where near what they were like back then….sigh…

As the years have passed, I still have the bad habit to pull on my lashes, (usually when I am stressed or have irritated eyes).  The result is that I have gaps in my eyelashes and the bottom lashes are quite sparse.  I have to be careful that I don’t wear thick mascaras as they tend to clump my lashes especially the bottom ones! 

I have heard about lash serums before, but I am always skeptical.  Rapid Lash has had a lot of positive reviews, but this one also has, although the positive testimonials were only on their site.  On the Sexy Lash website, there is a comment from a user, who after a course of chemo lost her lashes.  But a month of using this they returned thicker and longer than before. 

So I thought that I would give this a go.  The product retails for £49.99, so it’s not cheap, but if it works…then it’s worth it. Results should be evident after 21 days if applied twice a day, most see results after 28 days. 

I have been using the serum for two weeks now and I can’t see any major change just yet.  However the bottom lashes are looking a bit better, but at this stage, I haven’t seen a drastic change, I will post another update after three weeks, and one again after 4 weeks. 

3 Week update, no major change to report. 

4 week update: I can’t see ANY FURTHER IMPROVEMENT from the 2 week update, I have used to the product twice a day as was indicated and there has been little change in my lashes! For £49.99 I expected a lot more from this product very disappointed!!! I will probably continue using it until it finishes and if there is a major change, or if I get a sudden growth surge in my lashes will let you know. 

Overall verdict: didn’t work for me and for £49.99, results very disappointing! Also for the price, the packaging could have been a bit better, it looks a bit cheap! 

I will be keen to see how the two testers get on with this; I hope it works better for them!  Keep an eye out for their reviews coming shortly!



  1. Hi Harjit, sorry I am a bit late with my 2 week update, but here goes. I have noticed a very small change in my lashes & brows, but its only because I am studying them so closely that I am able to notice. They are a little thicker & I think the gap I had in my upper lash is filling in slightly. My brows just seem a bit more unruly! lol I have very fair brows & lashes, so will notice the difference more after I colour them next week, so will let you know after my 4 week update.

  2. I have now completed my 4 weeks trial of Sexy Lash Eyelash Serum & can say there is a very small change in the thickness of my eyelashes & brows. Its very subtle & it may just be that I have have only noticed because I have been studying them so closely for the last 4 weeks! lol But the gap in my left eyelash seems filled & my brows seem more even, where before I had patchy gaps. I must admit I got less vigilant about applying it after the first couple of weeks & kept forgetting. Also if you put too much on it can flake off in white clumps when you try to put your mascara on. I am happy that there is a small change, especially in my eyebrows, but I won't be buying it again unless I win the lotto! lol

    Thanks for the chance to try it. xxx

  3. Hi! Thx for the feedback, I agree that the product is quite pricey and for that price, I feel that it should have worked a lot better!

    In an interview, Kim Kardashian mentioned that she uses a product called Latisse I googled it, apparently its very good (she has gorgeous lashes) but this product is really expensive!!! I agree that unless you have a lot of money, Eyelash Serums are a bit hit and miss.

  4. Environmental factors can also contribute in the scantiness of your lashes. As much as possible, you should try to shield your eyes from the pollution through wearing sunglasses. You might also want to apply some oil on them to cleanse those particles that stuck to your lashes.
    To have long eyelashes, make sure that you also stay relaxed. Hormonal imbalances and stress can also cause thinning of lashes so see to it that you enjoy your life to be free from such cosmetic problems!

    But i have to give this product a try. :)

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