Sunday, 22 July 2012

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara

This is the best mascara ever!! And I think that this 'could be the one!!!'

As soon as I used this for the first time, I was amazed at the difference that it made to my lashes! Every single lash was coated and defined (even the difficult ones in the corners). 

This coats your lashes evenly without clumping (the brush is fantastic at combing through the lashes) gives your lashes loads of volume without making them look thick or heavy!

Lashes are individual and fanned out and I just love the look that I get when I use this mascara.  I get loads of compliments when I wear this mascara and had been asked loads of times if I am wearing falsies!!!!

The first time I was asked, I couldn't stop smiling all day (sad I know, but I have a real obsession with the false lash look!!) and this works really well to create that look on my super fine lashes!

For now, I think that I will stick with this mascara, (until it either dries up or runs out)

Wow! I have finally found a mascara that works! I received this as a free sample.  Benefit Bad Gal mascara retails for £16.50. 

Another mascara that I would def recommend is Max Factor Fusion (once it dries up a bit, when you first get it, it's a bit wet and it can be quite messy) but see my review of Max Factor Fusion here:

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