Sunday, 22 July 2012

Counterfeit Dior Fahrenheit EDT on EBAY

It was my husband's birthday on Saturday and I thought that I would splash out and treat him to Fahrenheit EDT by Christian Dior!!!

This is one of the strongest male scents around and it appeals to men of all ages, I love this fragrance and how it smells on my husband!!!

It's a very strong musky scent, that is sooo manly!!  You only need to use a bit of this as it smells very strong and the scent lasts all day!

I paid £45 for 100ml, at this price the alarms bells should have started to ring, as this retails at about £60 mark, but I thought that I was getting a bargain! (I should have known better!!!)

The bottle was packaged very well and the box itself looked, exactly like an original. 

The bottle also doesn't look fake.  The only thing that gives it away that it's a fake, is that the fragarance fades after about 5 minutes!

I am not joking, if you have ever smelled Fahrenheit, you will know that this is a very strong fragrance, and one that lasts all day, while the one that I have been sent, the scent goes very quickly!

Look at the stripes in the box

When I took the bottle to House of Fraser they confirmed that it was fake, the bar code or stripes at the bottom are not printed on their boxes.  

We also did a spray test and sprayed both mine and theirs on a card and which do you think lasted longer? Even now as I write this post, the genuine EDT card that was sprayed, still smells, while my fake card has no smell!!!!!

Very disappointed!! Just thought that I would post this so that other buyers are aware! I am hoping that I will be covered under the pay pal buyers protection, so hopefully should get my money back!

Spray test confirmed what I thought

If you ever buy a counterfeit item off eBay, and have no success in getting the money from the seller, raise a dispute and let EBAY know that they are selling counterfeit items as this is against EBAY Policy.  

Very upset!! My husband was left disapointed  and without a birthday present and I feel cheated!!! Lesson learned!!!

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  1. I'm affraid that it is not fake, looks legit at all pics, batch codes on the box and sticker, all looks real. Fahrenheit was reformulated few times since 1989, older bottles have printed "Christian Dior", after 2004 it's just "Dior", boxes looks different too and the smell is no longer so strong.