Monday, 30 July 2012

Garnier Face & Body

SPF 50 Protection Lotion for the face and body

I was sent this in the post along with some sun protection tips for keeping little ones safe in the sun and a cup that helps you to measure out how much you need to use. 

To be honest, I don't measure how much I use, I just coat myself and family from top to toe and then reapply frequently. 

I used this on my son this week and it was very quick and easy to apply.  It absorbed into his skin very quick, which is good as he is a real wriggly worm when it comes to applying sun cream and its a real battle getting sun cream on him!

I like this lotion, because it has a high SPF factor, perfect for protecting children's skin and the consistency of the lotion is not to thick or sticky.  We took Boots Soltan with us when we went on holidays and I found that a bit to thick and it took ages to apply. 

I like it, that this can be used on the face as well.  I really struggle with getting good creams to use on the face as most of them cause my skin to break out. 

This week I didnt use a sun lotion on my face but used the Maybelline BB cream as this has an SPF of 30 and this was perfect for me! and also this doesnt cause my skin to break out!

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