Monday, 16 July 2012

Free Herbalife Wellness Check & Evaluation

Like most women, I feel that I could look a bit better and follow a more healthier lifestyle.  Currently I am carrying a bit too much weight and it shows mostly on my tummy and thighs! :(

I have seen a few Groupon deals run by the Wellness Training Centre for Non Military Bootcamp and another one which was a Weight loss Challenge which was a short course which covers different topics and teaches you about good nutrition and healthy eating.  I have wanted to book onto both of them, but each time have left it too late!

The biggest obstacle to overcome when it comes to losing weight is getting motivated!! I want to lose weight and get fit, but desperately need a nudge to get started!!

 My Free Wellness Check

With my new found determination to get into shape, I booked a free wellness check with the Wellness Training Centre and this is how I got on!

I didn't know that the Wellness Training Centre was part of Herbalife, to be honest I didn't know much about Herbalife and felt a little nervous while I sat and waited to be seen. But the staff that work there were really nice and friendly and were able to answer all my questions and share their knowledge. 

The Wellness Check itself was a real eye opener! I discussed a typical day with my health coach and was then weighed and got my body fat levels checked. 

My body fat levels were dangerously high! and were not in the healthy area, also looking at my daily calorie intake it was identified that I have a very high fat diet and consume nowhere near enough protein that my body needs and also need to start exercising!!!  Suggestions were made on how to best change my current diet and lifestyle to a more healthier one. 

Currently between 10-12 dress size

I think that a healthy body fat range is between 25-31% and currently I am at about 35% for my lower body and this falls into the obese category! This was a huge shock to me!!

This is me!!! When I was 16 stone!!!

It took me back to how I used to be a few years ago  I was hugely overweight at 16 stone!!!

I was really miserable when I was that size but with hard work and determination I dropped from a size 18-20 to a size 6-8. 

My weight went from 16 stone to 9 stone.  This will always be one of my proudest moments and greatest achievements!  Currently I am between a 10 and size 12. 

This is me at 9 stone and a Size 6/8!!

Having too much body fat is not good! It puts pressure on your internal organs and also there are loads of other health risks, I think that I have got the nudge that I needed!!!

My father never looked fat or overweight and when he was in his early fifties had to have a heart by pass, due to problems internally and nasty fat around his heart and this was all caused by his bad diet!

When it comes to losing weight the calculation is simple, you need to burn more calories than you eat, everyone knows that! But just getting into the right mindset is part of the battle! 

But the Wellness Check has given the push that I needed and I am going to get back on track and get fit!  It won't be easy (nothing ever is!)  I will keep you posted with how I get on! Both good and bad!

It wasn't all doom and gloom though, as I am apparently the right weight for my height and just need to concentrate on getting my body fat levels down rather than losing weight! So if I do this then I will be able to get rid of my 'jelly belly' and wobbly thighs!

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