Monday, 9 July 2012

Best camera for makeup pics & for beauty bloggers?

Hitachi HDC 1491E

Apologies for the lack of posts of late, I just bought a new camera and was retaking some of the original pics on my blog and replacing them with better pics. 

I bought a Hitachi HDC 1491E for about £30 off E Bay. I thought that 30 quid was not bad for a 14 mega pixel camera.  Its nothing fancy just a point and shoot (which for my basic level of taking photo's is perfect!) It has 25 different scene settings, that I yet have to experiment with!

In the beginning, every time I took a picture the flash made me look either as pale as a ghost or just washed out, nothing like what I actually looked like and was trying to capture!!! The flash didn't agree with my make up!!! Lol!! :(

It was soooo annoying!!! Grrrr!!! In the end I thought that I was going to just have to return the camera as I was started to feel that it was too 'advanced' for me and that I would just have to continue taking pics on my phone! 

Another huge downside of the camera is the rate that it gets through batteries! But our old Samsung Digimax was just the same!!

Anyway I went on the net and then found this really cool tutorial: 

I have decided to keep the camera and will have a play around and experiment!! Until I find the setting that will just let me point and shoot!!!


I would love to hear from other bloggers on their choice of camera and also any tips on how to take really good pics!  BTW I take most of my own pics, I normally take them in the bathroom and use the mirror as my viewer!

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