Monday, 30 July 2012

Piz Buin Tan & Protect

Tan accelerating oil spray

Finally, this is my last choice, I love this product! I bought this for my holidays and it was just perfect, I have been wanting to buy this for ages, but was put off by the price, as this is not cheap. 

I was worried, that as it is an oil spray that it might be a bit too greasy, but it wasn't, it was perfect! It's so easy to apply and your done in no time!

I also like the fact that it dries to a nice shiny glossy finish.  The oil also contains Melitan which is supposed to enhance your tanning.  I got a nice rich colour when I was on holidays (my freinds laugh at me and say, your Indian, why do you want a tan, and I say why not?) everyone likes a bit of sun don't they?

Enjoy the sun, but protect your skin and tan safely!!

I bought this from Boots for £17.99

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