Monday, 9 July 2012

Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer

I have to be honest and admit that I don't usually bother with primers.  I like to keep my make up routine in the morning quick and simple.

I don't have perfect skin, I have dull days and also huge pores near my nose, so I was keen to find out if primers do really make a difference.  When I was sent the Photo Finish Luminizing Primer by Smashbox this was the perfect opportunity to find out!

The Photo Finish Luminizing Primer claims to smooth fine lines and pores, give you the perfect amount of radiance for glowing skin and keep make up in place all day.

The primer is a lovely peachy colour and very shimmery and sparkly, when I put it on it just sunk into my skin and left a nice velvet touch to my skin, which was quite nice!

Make up was easy to apply over the top, however I can't say that it made any difference to the look of my pores, I don't have fine lines so can't comment on that. But I can say that although it feels nice when you put it on, it actually made no difference to my face!

It might be that it was not suitable for my skin tone, or that it just didn't work for me, I just didn't notice a huge difference or have a radiant glowing look that I thought that I would get by using this.

I do have a tan at the moment, and will perhaps try it again, in the winter months and see if I get the radiance and glow then, when my tan has gone! 

*****Mixed this with my fave BB cream by Maybelline and the results were amazing!! see pic!****

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